Wisma Tamu Pupspiptek Serpong
Fee: Rp 3.500.000,-

Certificate, lunch& coffee break, room and breakfast (3 nights).

Seminar / Training Description:

The following is a description of the Courses. A general description is offered, followed by the official description as per the ISO specifications. These courses have been prepared in order to comply with ISO 18436.2:2002 and in accordance with American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)

The Vibration Technician course is designed for the person who is responsible for collecting vibration readings in the field. This person needs to understand why they are collecting these readings; understand how vibration can indicate that a fault condition exists; and how to correctly measure the vibration. They must be able to download and upload the route, follow the route, record field observations, recognize when the test must be repeated, and understand what is required in order to do their job properly.

With the correct training, the Vibration Technician will take pride in their job and ensure that time spent out at the machine is put to best use.
Official description:
Individuals Vibration Technicians may be authorized by their employers to carry out single channel machinery vibration measurements. They shall not be responsible for the choice of sensor, vibration analyzer or analysis method to be used, nor for the assessment of the test results. They shall be qualified to:

Operate portable data collectors and pre-assigned routes.
Acquire readings from permanently installed instrumentation.
Input results into a database and download routes from a computer.
Conduct testing under steady-state operating conditions following predefined procedures.
Recognize when no signal is present.
Compare overall value vibration measurements against pre-established alert settings.

Who should attend:

Vibration engineer
Research & Development


1. DR. Ir. Tjahjo Pranoto, M. Eng
2. Ir. Agus Sugiana, MS. ME
3. Haitham Luthfi Sungkar

The following is a list of the main topics covered in the Vibration Technician I courses. Some topics are listed as being covered in two or all three of the courses.

Note: In a number of cases, we have selected to cover topics in lower levels (i.e. Category II instead of only Category III) to ensure that participants are learning all they should to perform their job successfully.

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